sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2005

European Information Technology Observatory 2005

The European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) is a broad and unique European initiative and publishes the established yearbook for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Europe. It provides the most essential and up-to-date analyses of the Western and Eastern European IT and telecommunications markets, including detailed statistics by country and by market segment. In addition to these market studies, EITO presents special studies on topics of particular interest and, last but not least, an extensive overview of the latest technological developments.
Up-to-date and valid information plays an increasingly important role in business and political decision-making. The objective of EITO is to render services for all fields of public life: economy, science, politics and media. EITO improves your knowledge of the information and communications technology, the industry that will decide about the role Europe will play on the global electronic market-place in the 21st century. EITO owes its existence to the initiative and honourable dedication of Enore Deotto (Milano) as well as to the commitment of Luis-Alberto Petit Herrera (Madrid), Joerg Schomburg (Hannover) and Guenther Moeller (Frankfurt).



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