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Ebooks in UK Public Libraries: where we are now and the way ahead

UKOLN, organismo coordenador dos projectos digitais no Reino Unido, publicou nas suas séries documentais (Número 2 - Janeiro 2005) uma análise interessante sobre o uso de E-books nas bibliotecas públicas britânicas.
Introdução do artigo
"I suspect that more words are being published about the e-book phenomenon in print than have actually been placed into e-books so far". [1]

This wry observation was made by Clifford Lynch in: The Battle to define the future of the book in the digital world published in June 2001. Three years later ebooks still attract a lot of interest within the library and information world and in the national media. The notion of ebooks eventually replacing traditional print books has even been mooted on occasions, but Rod Bristow, president of Pearson Education UK, argues that this is unlikely to happen, quoting the history of media in general as evidence of integration rather than outright replacement" [2].
[1]Lynch, C. The Battle to define the future of the book in the digital world. First Monday, volume 6, number 6 (June 2001) Available (6 July 2004): http://firstmonday.org/issues/issue6_6/lynch/
[2]Bristow, R in: Midgley, S. The end of books? The Guardian, 9 April 2002. Available (6 July 2004): http://education.guardian.co.uk/students/story/0,,681018,00.html
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