sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2009

Tudo uma questão de... dinheiro

Google Book-Scanning Pact to Give Libraries Input on Price

In a move that could blunt some of the criticism of Google for its settlement of a lawsuit over its book-scanning project, the company signed an agreement with the University of Michigan that would give some libraries a degree of oversight over the prices Google could charge for its vast digital library.
The American Library Association, which has asked the court to oversee aspects of the settlement, said the new agreement is a step in the right direction but is insufficient to ensure that Google does not set artificially high prices for its digital collection.
in The New York Times

Será que o "peso" da ALA advém da designação "bibliotecas" e não "bibliotecários"...?

Leia a totalidade do artigo do The New York Times

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