sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2009

Novo motor de busca

A Microsoft vai lançar um novo motor de busca chamado Bing. Leia o que o New York Times escreveu sobre este novo motor de busca...
(...) Bing also extracts information from Web pages and presents it an easy-to-digest format. A search for U.P.S. will deliver a search box to track parcels, as well as a phone number for customer service. A search for “Terminator Salvation” will display movie times at nearby theaters. (...)

...bem como a entrevista sobre o Bing que o chief executive da Microsoft, Steven A. Ballmer, deu ao mesmo jornal
Q. Is there any type of search where you think that the new service really hits it out of the park?

A. There are some verticals where you can see it very vividly. You go search for anything that has to do with travel, particularly air travel. But I’m not trying to just point to one area. Because the real issue is, is there a way to do things remarkably different and remarkably better, for us, for Google, for anybody? Or are we just going to grind the relevance-o-meter up slightly? That’s why we still have so many queries that take well over 30 minutes to be satisfied.

I’m optimistic that we’re taking a big first step, and yet I want to be realistic, we’ve got to take a lot more steps, because this is not something where all the science and all the work happens overnight.

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