terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2007

International Journal of Digital Libraries (v. 6, n. 4, 2007)

O novo número do International Journal of Digital Libraries (v. 6, n. 4, 2007) acaba de ser publicado e incluiu os seguintes artigos:

Editorial (Andreas Rauber, Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard) p. 293-294.
Regular papers:
An intelligent decision support system for digital preservation (Miguel Ferreira, Ana Alice Baptista, José Carlos Ramalho) p. 295 – 304.
The Florida Digital Archive and DAITSS: a working preservation repository based on format migration (Priscilla Caplan) p. 305-311.
Practical maintenance of evolving metadata for digital preservation: algorithmic solution and system support (Dongwon Lee) p. 313-326.
Using the web infrastructure to preserve web pages (Michael L. Nelson, Frank McCown, Joan A. Smith, Martin Klein) p. 327-349.
A system for segmenting and extracting paper-based watermark designs (Hazem Hiary, Kia Ng) p. 351-361.
Pathways: augmenting interoperability across scholarly repositories (Simeon Warner, Jeroen Bekaert, Carl Lagoze, Xiaoming Liu, Sandy Payette, Herbert Sompel) p. 363.

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