quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2005

Como a Internet matou o negócio dos telefones

Este é o sugestivo título de um artigo da revista Economist desta semana. Um artigo a não perder para quem quer saber o que vem aí.

THE term “disruptive technology” is popular, but is widely misused. It refers not simply to a clever new technology, but to one that undermines an existing technology—and which therefore makes life very difficult for the many businesses which depend on the existing way of doing things. Twenty years ago, the personal computer was a classic example. It swept aside an older mainframe-based style of computing, and eventually brought IBM, one of the world's mightiest firms at the time, to its knees. This week has been a coming-out party of sorts for another disruptive technology, “voice over internet protocol” (VOIP), which promises to be even more disruptive, and of even greater benefit to consumers, than personal computers (see article).(...)

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