sexta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2005

Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata

The Data Dictionary defines and describes an implementable set of core preservation metadata with broad applicability to digital preservation repositories. This report is intended to put the Data Dictionary into context, explain the underlying assumptions and data model, and provide additional information about the meaning and use of semantic units defined in the Data Dictionary.

The charge of the PREMIS working group was to:
• define an implementable set of “core” preservation metadata elements, with broad applicability within the digital preservation community;
• draft a Data Dictionary to support the core preservation metadata element set;
• examine and evaluate alternative strategies for the encoding, storage, and management of preservation metadata within a digital preservation system, as well as for the exchange of preservation metadata among systems;
• conduct pilot programs for testing the group’s recommendations and best practices in a variety of systems settings; and
• explore opportunities for the cooperative creation and sharing of preservation metadata.
(Maio 2005) (PDF:3.2MB/237pp.)

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