terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2005

7th Framework Programe for RTD (FP7)

A União Europeia prepara-se para lançar o novo programa de apoio ao desenvolvimento e à pesquisa de novas soluções tecnológicas no domínio da sociedade da informação.
Resumo do working paper: Future and Emerging Technologies in FP7

This working paper presents the strategic positioning of the Future and Emerging Technologies
– FET – activity in the coming EU 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7). In FP7, FET will aim to attract and foster trans-disciplinary collaborative research excellence in emerging research domains in core Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and in their combination with other relevant areas and disciplines.
Foci include:
− Exploring extreme miniaturisation and new computing and communication frontiers;
− Harnessing the complexity of networked computing and communication systems;
− Exploring new concepts for and experimenting with ever more intelligent systems and for
new personalised products and services that are people centric.

The paper is structured as follows:
− Section 1 shortly presents the main technology trends over the coming decade and motivates
the need to revisit the fundamental models of information, computing and communication in order to address an emerging post-Turing and post-Shannon ICT era.
− Section 2 describes the main role and strategic positioning of FET in FP7.
− Section 3 provides examples of research directions that FET could support in FP7.
− Finally, section 4 outlines the modalities to use for implementing FET activities in FP7.

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